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18-year-old Author Shubhi Agarwal Launches Maiden Novel ‘Lakshmila – The Eternal Love Story’

April 29: Shubhi Agarwal, an 18-year-old writer, blogger, content creator, and poet recently announced the launch of her maiden novel ‘Lakshmila – The Eternal Love Story’. Published by Om Books International, the book is a story of Lakshman and Urmila; showcasing their unique spiritual love and connection, and their journey together from birth till the end. The book is priced at Rs. 395, and can be purchased across all leading online and offline bookstores in India.

To mark the occasion, the young author held a special puja at the Lakshman Kila, the palace of Lakshman and Urmila in the city of Ayodhya. She created clay sculptures of Lakshman and Urmila for the puja in honor of their story. Puja of Lord Vishnu was also performed.

A 12th grader student, Shubhi Agarwal is currently preparing for her IPMAT examination to pursue a degree in business management. She began writing ‘Lakshmila – The Eternal Love Story’ at the tender age of 14; and with this new launch, she is set to be one of the youngest published authors in India.

‘Lakshmila – The Eternal Love Story’ is the story of Lakshman, and Urmila, their spiritual love and connection, and their journey together from birth till the end. Through this book, Shubhi takes readers through the unique spiritual love they had as well as the pain of separation they went through.

Speaking on the launch of her first-ever novel, Shubhi Agarwal said – “It was always a dream of mine to get Lakshmila published. Having read almost every version of the Ramayan including the Purans, I’d always wanted to share the story of Lakshman Ji, and Urmila Ji with the world through a book of my own. This book, Lakshmila, and its story is one that has always been dear to my heart and I look forward to people across the globe reading it.”

 She further states – “In preparation for the story I used to meditate for hours and even went to places like Ayodhya and Mithila for various research tours to interact with people and explore their culture. As a writer, I felt it was necessary to feel and embrace the areas in which these stories took place.”

The book is based on the complete research from the Valmiki Ramayan, Kamban Ramayan, and the Purans, and also reveals unknown fascinating facts about Raghuvansha. When asked about what readers can expect from ‘Lakshmila’, Shubhi said – “This book is sure to keep readers hooked with the untold incidents in Lakshman, and Urmila’s lives, their love, their pain, their emotions, as well as many lesser-known facts from the Ramayan. This book not only revolves around Lakshman and Urmila but also highlights the characters of Sumitra, Shatrughan, Meghnad, and Sulochana.”

On the sidelines, Shubhi Agarwal runs her own freelance content agency, SA Writing Services which started at the young age of 15. She is a regular blogger on her website which she talks about untold facts and stories from Sanatan Dharma. She is also an avid content creator and poet on Instagram wherein she talks about mental health, relationships, and various social issues including the taboos in society about which few raise their voices.

Shubhi is also a very spiritual person and loves discussing mental health which she also pursues in her free time. She loves to help and counsel people who have lost hope in life. “I know how important it is to lend a helping hand and a listening ear to people who feel alone or depressed,” she says.

With her maiden novel, she aims to touch the hearts of many across India, sharing lessons that people can live by, through the stories of Lakshman, and Urmila.

‘Lakshmila – The Eternal Love Story’ is available for purchase on Amazon, Flipkart, and all leading bookstores across the country. For more information, you may visit: