A better way to fund your higher education in top global universities, colleges, or institutions only through YuGrow

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], July 31: The cost of education in India is rising much faster than inflation, with most parents spending more than half their take-home pay on their children’s education, extra co-curricular activities, placing a significant burden on their family budget. It is estimated with the current scenario that the average cost of an MBA degree will be around 50-60 Lakhs (INR) until the year 2025, while the cost for an engineering degree will be around 25-30 Lakhs (INR) till the year 2025.

With the impact of a rising inflation rate, the price tag associated with higher education is often a hefty one. Millions of Indian students face similar challenges in life. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic is making life even tougher for them with loss of family incomes, instability, and lack of future directions.

YuGrow wants every meritorious, promising student to have the opportunity to learn and grow, be it through higher education or by securing a career in technology. Financial constraints must never be the reason for abandoning colleges and universities and accepting less in life than their true potential. The company offers a new approach to financial assistance for students in partnerships with global educational trusts and foundations.

A new approach to funding higher education and career-building

Private educational trusts and foundations, every year, offer financial aid worth millions of US Dollars as part of their social responsibility programs to meritorious but financially constrained students. YuGrow offers tech-enabled programs that plug the gap between deserving students and philanthropic organisations. Currently, the company has two unique programs – YuLearn & YuWork. These programs scale the process to secure financial aid to millions of students following its approach.

YuLearn – Empowering Students To Become Scholars

The focus of the YuLearn program is to advance the collective impact of scholarship providers and the scholarships they award. It is for the students willing to further their higher education in their choice of subjects and institutions. This scholarship test program follows the successful model established by the National Talent Search Exam (NTSE) of NCERT, India. Essentially, it motivates, evaluates, monitors talented and promising students, and helps trusts and foundations to administer scholarships and financial aid to selected meritorious candidates. Unlike others in the industry, this program does not cost tuition fees or charges before and after the scholarship. Students, irrespective of their past performance and limitations, can take the talent assessment test regularly conducted to secure funding to further their education. Financial supports are offered solely based on the scores on the scholarship test and are given directly to the candidate.

YuWork – Shaping Future Talent

This program is for all graduates and final year students (be it any stream or any percentage or any experience) who want to kick start their tech career. The demand for people skilled in emerging technologies is rapidly increasing worldwide. After passing the YuWork entrance test, students get an opportunity to a sponsored job-guaranteed upskilling training in emerging technologies. The FREE training involves live classes, industry projects, personal mentoring, and mock interviews to prepare students for the tech industry. Post completion of the training, the candidate is referred to most of the top companies based on their performance. YuWork has mentors from Google, Microsoft, Uber, etc. who will help the candidates to crack placements of top-notch companies.

About YuGrow

YuGrow is a social enterprise business that cares deeply about the state of education globally. The sole objective of the company is to EMPOWER & TRANSFORM students showing future promises. Being true to its social ambitions, the company does not charge money or tuition fees from already financially constrained students and their families, except a small registration fee. Its partnerships with various educational trusts and foundations make the programs viable.

Scholarship tests and entrance tests to sponsored tech training programs are being conducted regularly. Please visit and check the upcoming scholarship programs.