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Animesh Kumar launches “Animesh Digital” to share the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and Public Relations.

New Delhi, [India]: Animesh Kumar has launched his company named Animesh Digital, through which he will be providing free counselling regarding digital marketing and public relations. The company will not charge the clients for the counselling session and it will be the clients’ choice if they commit to the services in the future or not.

The company will use Animesh’s experience of over a decade, to nurture the freshers/startups and their clients and explain the techniques that how digital marketing can help the organisations grow. They will also give counselling to tell how one can enhance their company reputation by using public relations services. Animesh has, in the past, worked for corporates, YouTubers, start-ups, celebrities and many other people belonging to different industries. Till now he has given free counselling to 100+ individual and start-ups and helped them in the growth of their business.

Well, considering the ways to improve and grow the business/start-up then one needs proper learning and counselling of public relations strategies. It will bring ample rewards, which includes better visibility, and improved credibility. Overall, digital marketing and public relations services will lead to more sales and better as well as higher revenue potential for the organisation. That is why for any business/start-up a major focus should be on public relations and digital marketing activities. PR activities enhance the company’s image and create a connection with the masses. Traditional marketing is important but in the current scenario of innovation and technologies, the demand and need for Digital marketing are growing exponentially, as it helps to attract more traffic than traditional marketing and brings engagements as well as leads for the organisation.

Animesh Digital is there for the startups, to provide learning as well as services that include how to run social media campaigns, how to implement PR strategies, lead-generation for sales, and email marketing.

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