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Are You Looking for Extended Warranty for your Home Appliances, Gadgets and Devices? Then Must Know About India’s Top Rated Site

New Delhi, [India] : Every brand makes amazing appliances and gadgets, which is then sold by the retailers very effectively and with a good profit but what about you? Are you the buyers making the most of your money? Nowadays, be it any electronic devices in home appliances or gadget, all of these have become absolute necessities, and plays a very important role in our day-to-day life. In addition, whenever any of our devices stop working, it affects our whole day until or unless it is been repaired or the worst, you end buying a new one.This will cost you a huge amount or will hit your pockets hard. Moreover, it is an extra hassle to search for a genuine or authentic service engineer. It is not so easy process to get help from a particular brand or the service engineer. Nevertheless, you do not need to worry as GoWarranty is there for you. GoWarranty provides extended warranty and repair services for all your gadgets and appliances. Also, you can easily focus on your important work, as GoWarranty will make things easier for you.

How GoWarranty Works?

GoWarranty will replicate and extend the manufacturer’s warranty on the electronic devices, through which whenever your device will stop working due to any breakdown then GoWarranty will repair or replace it for you if it not repaired within the promised timeline. They will bear all the expenses that are required to fix your appliances. GoWarranty offers extended warranty coverage for a large number of electronic devices including mobiles, laptops, tablets (Android or iOS), air conditioners, digital cameras or DSLRs, washing machines, televisions, including kitchen appliances. What you need to do is you can opt for an extended warranty from GoWarranty’s website within 9-months of purchasing the appliance or gadget. It is a digital process with no hassle of documentation.

GoWarranty offers a fully cash-less experience and no hidden fees or charges are there. The brand provides free Pick-up-and-Drop service. Whenever your precious device will stop working during the extended warranty tenure, it will be picked up from your doorstep, repaired or serviced, and returned to you by the team of GoWarranty, without an additional cost. They aspire to become India’s most recognized and most valuable service brand.  Besides, the most important thing is you do not need to do hefty paperwork. What’s more, it, since this is not general insurance, GoWarranty offers a hassle-free process to file a service request, without the need for the hefty verification process. You just need to provide them with a copy of the purchase invoice bearing the IMEI/Serial number. The devices are serviced or repaired by trained professionals using brand authorizedmechanical and spare parts. This ensures the long-lasting performance of the devices, so you can focus on what is important to you. Since the full value of the device arebeen covered until the end of the plan, your ownership experience is completely guaranteed. They bear every cost required along with all the legwork required to fix your device.

Benefits of the Services of GoWarranty

Authentic Repairs: You will get your device repaired from authorized services centres and you have the benefit to track the process from start to finish.

Hassle-free services : You do not need to run from one service centre to another, GoWarrranty is there at your service.

Customer Satisfaction 4.9/5.0: GoWarranty is one of India’s Top Rated website because of its services as well as the customer’s satisfaction.

PAN India Reach: We are present in more than 20K pin codes in India, and just a click/call away from you.

Completely Cashless : The transaction process is completely cashless you do not need to rush to the ATM.

This pretty much sums up the great value proposition from GoWarranty.