Beware of Sextortion, Cyberbullying Tactic in India, says Ajeet Gunwant Parse

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Mr Ajeet Gunwant Parse

April 4: Sextortion is the abuse of power to obtain a sexual benefit. The executioner demands sexual favours, money, or other benefits under the threat of sharing sensual and sexually explicit material. Sextortion is an organised crime.

With the increase in the use of social media, this crime is gaining popularity among different sections of people. Basically, the executioner has some erotic images or videos of the victim. They threaten to share on social media platforms or circulate it among friends and family if the executioner’s needs are not satisfied as he demands money or asks to engage in sexual acts.

There are various methods involved in sextortion, and people fail to identify that they are being caught.

Several hidden professional call centres are active, tracing the vital information people share through various Facebook and Instagram posts and reels. And executioners collect all the information about a family, their financial background, and the number of women and men residing in that place.

Psychometric profiling is the other new method to attack people in which executioners get information about others’ lifestyles, which act as a readymade target.

Then there is also various software involved in this crime, and the most famous is Voice Modular Services, in which a man speaks in a women’s voice and catches you up. They also video call or text in your leisure time to get a hold of you.

Another method involved is Email Phishing; in this, attackers send malicious emails, and ads or content appear on various websites attracting people with sexual images; they are designed to capture people into a scam. People need to be aware of fake accounts on social media that can take confidential information.

Ajeet Parse points out on who can be the victim of sexual extortion.

Though anyone can be a victim, major ones include

  • 71% of cases involve victims under the age of 18.
  • 12% of cases involve only adult victims.
  • 14% of cases include minor and adult victims.

There are various reasons why people sextort. The most important is Financial Gain because the blackmailer knows how people can easily be blackmailed to save their identity in society. Other executors do this act to fulfil their sexual desires and may take revenge on people. Unfortunately, Humiliation is the other reason people enjoy being humiliated.

Although sextortion has deadly consequences. And even resulted in various suicides when victims can’t see a way out. Ajeet also highlights multiple steps to save yourself and your family from this crime. Men, women and adults all can be the victim of this crime. So you can avoid being Sextorted with the following measures.

  • Check your Privacy – if you adjust and specify your confidential information on social media, you can be saved from various sextorter. Don’t share your things with others, whether it’s images, videos or any material that might ruin your privacy.
  • Don’t be too easy to trust -while talking to people, don’t trust everyone easily. In this cruel world, people are more selfish rather than kind. Don’t share your life with others. If someone blackmails you or pressurises upon you, act smart because once you send anything – it’s gone forever.
  • Be aware of your friend circle- never, ever accept requests of people you don’t know in person because terrible immoralities are cunning ones hiding behind the masks of morality, such as exploiting people while pretending to help them.
  • Teach your kids well in advance about the people and with whom they should not talk

Then comes the other question. What to do if you are being Sextorted? Sextortion is terrifying, and if you are a victim, please take measures to cure it.

  • First of all, stop all contact with the executioner. Don’t be scared of the fact that they might tell your family.
  • Secondly, Don’t Delete Evidence because it is the key to Justice.
  • Also, you can contact the authorities related to this crime- Raise your voice, speak out for yourself, and save yourself from being seized.
  • You can always talk to your near and dear ones. Maybe the other person can save you by giving you some solution.

Lastly, as demonstrated by looking at the scenario, it is mandatory to raise awareness among parents, adults, and society to have a good and safe future.

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