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Business Mint Announce the Winners of the Nationwide Awards 40 Under 40 PROMISING Entrepreneurs– 2021

Nationwide Awards is one of India’s generally perceived and elite brands, assuring the highest quality and innovation. An incredibly wide range of sectors and industries from all over India were represented.

New Delhi, [India] : The hottest Award of the season Nationwide Awards 40 Under 40 PROMISING Entrepreneurs– 2021 were acquainted with recognizing and reward the extraordinary work and the outcomes picked up by the pioneers of the corporate space, despite an always increasing competitive market. Nationwide Awards 40 Under 40 PROMISING Entrepreneurs– 2021 is a festival of the enthusiasm and diligence of those business entrepreneurs, who, throughout the long-term, have contributed altogether towards building the social and economic fabric of our country.

Continuing with our hunt, the search out the leading lights of the business, searching for those who have an imagination, a responsibility, experience, and a solid initiative has assisted them with making progress in an increasingly challenging corporate atmosphere. These honors perceive and honor the most regarded organizations alongside their C-Level executives within a variety of industries, while a rewarding deserving success all its forms throughout the Global business community.

To honor those bright minds, Business Mint issued a list of companies, agencies, nonprofits, and government organizations whose groups and missions brought home a successhere:

The Nationwide Awards 40 Under 40 PROMISING Entrepreneurs– 2021 was an enormous achievement in which more than 800 nominations came from across different industry areas, such as Finance, Education, Food, Real Estate, Retail, Manufacturing, Health, etc. After selecting the most creative and bright-minded nominees, there were 40 winners under several unique classifications (or industry spaces). The winners came from everywhere India.

Entrepreneurs impact us from various perspectives. They make services and products we use, grow and develop business, uphold the economic vibrancy of worldwide business sectors. Make occupations and stimulate innovations with no limits. Great entrepreneurs can change the way we live and work, on local and public bases to honor those Nationwide Awards 40 Under 40 PROMISING Entrepreneurs– 2021 is here to make them proud Globally. They add to the interaction of a country working by filling financial development and success. With their visionary thoughts and tenacious soul, they challenge problematic powers and carry with them imaginative arrangements in any event, during the hardest occasions. Business Entrepreneurs are oftentimes considered as public resources to be cultivated, inspired, and remunerated to the best possible extent. Truth be told, probably the most evolved countries, for example, the United States are world pioneers because of their groundbreaking advancement, research, and innovative people.

Entrepreneur shape our lives and make the innovative future. The objective of the Nationwide Awards 40 Under 40 PROMISING Entrepreneurs– 2021 is to focus on a portion of the quiet achievements of entrepreneurs, managers, proprietors, and founders around the world.

List of “Nationwide Awards 40 Under 40 PROMISING Entrepreneurs– 2021” Winners:

  1. Manav Kapoor, Founder & CEO – DGTL INNOVATIONS LLP in Enterprise Technology Category
  2. Divya Chadha, CEO & Founder, A Klass Apart – Wedding Planner Category & Build Your Own Brand in Business Coach Category
  3. Debi Prasad Baral, Co-Founder & CTO – FINANCEPEER in Finance Category
  4. Farman Ali, Founder & CMD – DocfortMeducation Pvt Ltd in Healthcare Education Category
  5. Shriram Rajendran, Founder & CEO – The Table (Cassandra foods) in Food & Hospitality Category
  6. Mourjo Chatterjee, Founder & Director, On Stage Talents & Entertainment Pvt Ltd in Artist Management Category
  7. Ishaan Amitabh Varma, Founder & CEO, TC1 Fitness LLP in Fitness & Health Tech Category
  8. Nitin Dinesh Kedia, Founder, Kedia Organic Agro Farms in Organic Farmer Category
  9. Amit D Ojha, Founder, IreeGroup of Companies in Real Estate Category
  10. Ashutosh Kharangate, MD – Mangal Analytics and Research Consulting Pvt Ltd in Business Consulting Category
  11. Kaveri Utreja, Founder, JUS LIKE THAT in Personalized Gifting Category
  12. Gwendolen Savina Noronha, Founder, MetaMind in Education Category
  13. Ajaay Mehta, CEO, Altiorem Consultancy & Apna Sanchar in Retail Branding Category
  14. Akshay Saini, Co-Founder & CEO, Tring in Celebrity Engagement Platform Category
  15. Somesh Kamra, Founder, Superhuman Gym in Health & Fitness Category
  16. Rachit Mathur, Co-Founder & CEO – Avenue Growth in Workforce Management Category
  17. Gaurav Kumar, Founder & CEO, Heal Station Private Limited in Social Entrepreneurship Category
  18. Kalyani Kiran Kamble, Founder – VisioNeering Life & Co-Founder – Prescient Strategist in Life Coach Category
  19. Sonali Bansal, Founder/ Health coach/ Functional Nutritional therapist – The Wellness Table in Health Coach Category
  20. Susheel Garg & Kajal Kothari, Directors – FreshBox Media Pvt. Ltd in Marketing & Media Category
  21. Prachi Gangwani, Founder – Keeping Zen in Health & Wellness Writer Category
  22. Niraalee Shah, Founder, Image Building & Etiquette Mapping in Image Consultant Category
  23. Prerna Kapoor Kalra, Owner – China Grill in Food & Hospitality Category
  24. EshankaWahi, Founder & Director, Eat Clean with Eshanka&EshankaWahi Entertainment Pvt Ltd in Wellness Category
  25. Kumar Mithun, Founder & CEO – VIP Matrimonial Services in Matchmaking Firm Category
  26. Abhishek Singh, Founder – CelebBazaar in Advertising & Marketing Category
  27. Dakshin Aditya, Founder & Director – Pixelated Egg Digital Ventures (OPC) Pvt Ltd in Media & Marketing Category
  28. Abhishek Dilkhushraj Jain, Founder, DG Avatar Media in Digital Marketing Category
  29. James Stephen, Executive Director, Clinton Park Inn in Hospitality Category
  30. Sunny Thakur, Principal Architect, MCCF Architects in Interior Design & Architecture Category
  31. Sidharth Arora, Director, Golfing Greens Pvt Ltd (GolfingNation) in Golf Training & Promoter Category
  32. Vani Chugh, Co-founder & Director, D’chica Fashion Lifestyle Pvt Ltd in Kids Online Shopping Category
  33. Vinay R.Bantia, CEO & Founder – Event one & Royale fiesta in Wedding Planners Category
  34. Gargi Anil Limaye, Founder – CEO, Eduwrite in Education Consulting Category
  35. SushanthSamudrala, Legal Advisor in Cyber Law & Cyber Security Category
  36. Saffin Mathew, Program Director – 1 Million for 1 Billion Foundation in NGO & Social Entrepreneurship Category
  37. Rohan Bakshi, Design Partner, Insta Decor LLP in Luxury Interior Designing Category
  38. Nakul Jain, Founder | Architect | Film-maker, NJDC (Nakul Jain Design Consultancy) in Visual Media Creative Category
  39. Aparna Singh, Founder & CEO, O’2Nails India in Nail Art Boutique Category
  40. Swati Mahajan, Director, Knowracle Group in Online Education Category

Mr. Vinay Kanth Korapati, Founder of Business Mint says, Appreciating them & thanking them for providing employment & developing economy in our country. We are privileged to honor the Top Nationwide Awards 40 Under 40 PROMISING Entrepreneurs– 2021 of India and would like to continue to honor the people who are eligible in this category every year.

Business Mint and Nationwide Awards are highly privileged the validity of its awards and honors. The awards are given exclusively on merit and are awarded to commend those who are most deserving for their creativity and hard work. The phrase Try tries and tries. Fail and try again until you succeed and achieve your goals, this suits all the promising entrepreneurs. This leads them to achieve Nationwide Awards 40 under 40. I would like to wish them the best of luck to showcase the dedication and hard work towards their organization and reach a milestone. is the link where you can get to the winner’s supplement.

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