Check out Mission20’s journey from digital currency to e-commerce, which will soon have its own e-commerce platform

April 28: Mission20 will bring E-commerce expediently closer to Blockchain Technology through an open assigned statement that records deals between two bodies in decentralized properties that involves confidence, double-quick transactions, no retired costs, etc.

With its launch in 2021, the Mission20 platform is going to start with the original perpetration of M20 (commemorative).

“Mission20 is the ground. We’ll develop a completely functional ecommerce business that serves as a shop where buyers can buy a variety of goods by paying with cryptocurrency, as well as other forms of payment. In addition to the business, we’re working on a disbursement Gateway that can be integrated on mate and being ecommerce websites, allowing the consumers the option to pay through cryptocurrency.” The company will encourage online deals with the use of Mission20 commemoratives (M20). As part of Mission20’s rollout, the Learning Management System will also be streamlined to grease the creation of new druggies who’ll be suitable to study cryptocurrency and will know how to invest in it. The company is on a charge to “fix the incapability of being ecommerce to profit from the multi-faceted world of Blockchain Technology.”

Mission20 Shop

The most anticipated platform has arrived — a cryptocurrency-enabled marketplace where customers may purchase a variety of things using Mission20 tokens. Electronics, accessories, smart wearables, cellphones, video games, and other products are currently available on the ecommerce site backed by the M20 token. Strategic relationships with top companies and brands are already in the works, and many large names will be a part of this groundbreaking cryptocurrency project. To entice customers. All of the products are discounted, with the company promising the lowest market rates on every product — placing themselves against the likes of e-commerce retail giants like Amazon, Flipkart, and AliExpress.

One of Mission20’s exciting future plans is to launch an ecommerce platform, learning management system and food delivery service in the next month, which can be transacted via cryptocurrency, thus adding a new dimension to the incredibly ambitious project.

Mission20 Token

Mission20 is powered by its native token M20. Mission20 Token is an BEP-20 token that is built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain network. You can learn more about the token and its applications on its website. With Mission20 Token. The Mission20 Shop is scheduled to go live by Next Month with the platform ready to cater to the global market.

The robust social media presence of Mission20 is already creating the right buzz among potential consumers as well as merchants.