CIFDAQ- Heralding the Way For Inclusive Transparent And Efficient Spot Trading

February 23: In Switzerland, Spot Trading with a new crypto exchange, CIFDAQ, opened at 8:09 a.m. (Switzerland Time/UTC+1) on 22nd of February, which corresponds to 12:39 hours (Indian Standard Time /GMT+5:30) in India. BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, MATIC, DOT, SHIB, ATOM, BNB and close to 34 + assets are available for trade on the exchange. CIFDAQ is the world’s first mixed breed, cross-asset, integrated trading platform and is ideal for people who wish to trade a broad range of assets.

Spot Trading with CIFDAQ

Do you have any idea what Spot Trading is all about? If you want to buy and sell assets at today’s current market rate, often known as the spot price, you’ll be able to take possession of the assets immediately. Spot market trading is popular among day traders since the spreads are low and there is no expiry date.

CIFDAQ is now offering the spot market, often referred to as the cash or undated market. You do not need to own or furnish the assets to obtain the greatest benefit from the service, and you will get real-time, continuous pricing that truly reflects the market. Additionally, you may choose to open a position with a deposit (margin), which increases your exposure to the market and, thus, your potential for making more money. However, as a consequence of this, a bigger number of losses may occur.

For example, in the case of silver, if you feel that the price of silver would increase, you would place your money in the spot silver market (go long). If the price of silver rose, you would make money; but, if silver fell, you would lose money.

The Benefits of Spot Trading on CIFDAQ

In a transparent environment, where all players know the current market price and can make educated judgments, spot markets allow for the trading of commodities and other financial instruments. Spot market contracts may now be completed more quickly and easily.

  • When you trade in the spot market, you have the option of negotiating your price. Price negotiating is an option that is available to both buyers and sellers. To be the most successful bitcoin trading marketplace, it must be one in which all participants have a fair and equal advantage in the negotiating process, as described.
  • Compared to futures and options trading, spot trading provides a bigger opportunity for profit. It is possible to perform many trades at the same time.
  • You may swiftly purchase and sell your cryptocurrency tokens for small profits when you use a spot market.
  • In the spot trading market, traders may purchase tokens at low prices and resell them at higher prices, resulting in a profit equitably split among all dealers involved.
  • A spot market does not have any entry barrier. Investors of all sizes have the potential to benefit from the market’s volatility.

“Trades may be completed in real-time by exchanging crypto tokens for fiat cash on a spot market, allowing traders to transact instantly.” – Himanshu Maradiya (Founder and CEO, CIFDAQ)

There are several benefits to trading on a crypto spot market. It’s a good idea to trade with caution and only invest money that you can afford to lose if you’re thinking about becoming engaged in the stock market. It is also advantageous to select a reputable exchange that offers the most liquidity and security feasible and for this CIFDAQ seems to be the most viable option.