Cyber Expert Anuraag Singh Takes on the Role of a Trainer to Spread Cyber Awareness

February 21: It is one thing to work towards a goal rigorously and another to do the same but after learning from a life experience. The target becomes even more impactful when it is a family experience you had in your childhood that made you what you are today.

The life story of Anuraag Singh is also similar. Now a renowned Cyber Expert and Digital Forensics Trainer, he saw a cybercrime happen in front of his eyes at a very young age. It was in his 15 years of age a person had fraudulently stolen his father’s credit card details and swiped a large chunk of money from his account. It had sent the entire family in distress but left Anuraag to wonder how such a crime was possible. It was this instance that fascinated Anuraag about the cyber world, and he made up his mind to make a career out of it.

Anuraag is the CEO and founder of SysTools, a Delhi-based leading digital technology firm providing all-rounder services like Data Forensics, Data Recovery, Data Migration, and Data Backup. Anuraag had mastered the IT and Cyber Security field at a very early age of 25 years. Due to his significant achievements in the field of cyber security, he has been listed as India’s Best Cyber Expert and Digital Forensics Trainer.

During the pandemic, Anuraag has acted as a lifeboat for many people and enterprises. He has also assisted several Law Enforcement Agencies in solving cybercrime cases using his knowledge and training. He assists many organizations and people in dealing with cyber-attacks and raising cyber awareness in schools, colleges, and businesses, as well as teaching employees how to deal with hackers.

Importance of Cyber Awareness Trainings and Workshops

The covid-19 crisis has made us realize the importance of maintaining good cyber hygiene habits.  With cyber-attacks at their peak because of remote work, schools and universities moving to the online medium, the need for cyber awareness sessions have never been so important.

Moreover, political tensions also create a window of opportunity for fresh Ransomware attacks.

Organizations spend a lot of money on technology and cyber security software to protect themselves against cyber threats, yet the number of attacks is still on the rise. This is because many of them are unaware that human error accounts for 85 per cent of these breaches. Thus, tossing more money at the problem by purchasing the latest cyber security gear would only assist to a degree and will not fix the problems entirely. Thus, it can be said that cyber security is a human concern, not a technical one.” says Anuraag Singh.

More than the latest technologies, individuals need to act as both their first and last line of defence. They should not only embrace security awareness but also identify, avoid and flag activities and items that are suspicious.

Training and Workshops by Anuraag Singh


No other industry in the market has been hit as hard as the educational sector. It is the lack of cyber awareness and practice of cyber hygiene among the students and the faculty of these institutes that made them victims of such heinous crimes. Colleges and universities keep data on thousands of students and staff members, some of which is sensitive. As a result, educational institutions should be the first to prioritise cyber awareness training.

Anuraag has established a Cyber Empowerment Training Program for school and college students. He hopes that through this, he will be able to provide young minds with advanced analytical abilities, intellectual powers, and critical thinking skills relevant to cyber empowerment. In his course, he discusses cyber security, preventive measures, and the procedure of filing complaints.

Corporates and Banks

Businesses and individuals alike improve their cyber security footprint. Along with tips to remain cyber secure like regular software updates, keeping strong passwords, etc. Anuraag also provides cyber awareness training to them. However, just by providing the policies to follow isn’t enough; employees should also integrate security into their daily lives and become cyber-minded to be safe from such attacks.


Anuraag’s ambition is to train and prepare a cyber-resilient police force, as well as to educate them on the first responder actions to cybercrime.

He builds an appropriate course module for batches of officers and shares it with them before the session for LEA training sessions. To date, he has taught up to 6000+ personnel of Law Enforcement Agencies, Senior Officials from the Police Force, Armed and Security Forces. Some of the major topics he focuses on are CDR Analysis and Intelligence Gathering, Social Engineering & Footprinting, SQL Injection, Dark Web Investigations, Denial of Services Attacks etc.

Fortune Favors the Brave!

Due to his unique approach to training and out-of-the-box concepts, all his clients are impressed with his exceptional expertise. He is an inspiration to many young people and budding entrepreneurs around the country. Despite growing up in a middle-class family, he has accomplished a lot and is continuing to grow because of his hard work and attitude of never giving up. Anuraag is full of zeal and has enormous potential to achieve more heights and prosper in all aspects of his life.