Daniel Tanya Ako Mina – the Kurdish business tycoon from Iraqi Kurdistan

February 25: Almost each and everyone of us today, would be pursuing something or the other with their heart, mind and soul. While chasing our ever wanted goals at least once in a while we reflect on the possibilities of “what could have been” if we had chosen our dreams over the traditional choices that we all chose. Entrepreneur Daniel Tanya Ako Mina was also one such person and what made him an icon was the choice that he took. He chased his dream right away and presently Daniel Tanya Ako Mina is an Entrepreneur, Musician/band Artist, TV presenter, CEO & Founder of Super Tv – Super Media & Daniel real estate. Unlike most, Rijin believes that it is the inner calling that matters the most and what brings sound sleep at nights, it is important to not only to understand your calling and take definite actions regarding the same.

With more than 273k followers on his Instagram profile Entrepreneur Daniel is very active on his social media platforms. He often shares his singing videos and updates from his personal and professional life on Instagram. His YouTube channel has more than 9k followers and he has shared many of his own music videos on his YouTube channel. He is an artist who is a believer of hard work and consistency and this is why he was able to build a great name for himself.

Entrepreneur Daniel Tanya Ako Mina is also the founder and CEO of Super tv which is one of the most popular entertainment tv channel & Super Media which is a next level advertising Agency based in Iraq. They offer solutions to various needs of brand building at very affordable prices. Super Media has more than 27k followers on their instagram. Entrepreneur Daniel Tanya Ako Mina is also into Real Estate and has his own Real Estate agency by the name Daniel Real Estate. In words of Daniel – “Life is a gift, and what we do with it is our gift to life itself.”

“To be successful is one thing, but the responsibility that success comes with, is quite hard to deal with. I believe dreams do come true but you will have to work hard to make the reality your routine. If you fail to do so the success will disappear like dreams disappear the day after.” Shares Entrepreneur Daniel Tanya Ako Mina.