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Dietician Sunny Gupta shares some astonishing diet mantras

February 14: Diet has a significant role in the development and proper functioning of the human body. Whether it is a minute issue like stomach ache or a deadly disease like cancer, following a nutritious and healthy diet can help manage all kinds of health conditions. Dt. Sunny Gupta is an excellent dietician and lifestyle counsellor from Gujarat who has helped many people transform their lives.

Dt. Sunny Gupta is recognized as a weight-loss expert and customized detox planner. He has many achievements on his bucket list for giving excellent advice to the right people. His experience and effective counselling have helped many clients lose weight, cope with hormonal changes, and strengthen immunity. He has gained clients from all over the world due to his specialization in weight loss management and detox plan.

Health is a precious investment. Dt. Sunny Gupta has fulfilled and has gone beyond the client’s expectations. Currently, he is India’s only dietician who can provide basic to advanced detox programs to his clients. Dt Sunny Gupta has the brilliant skill of analyzing clients’ eating habits and pointing out areas for improvement. He is skilled in developing goal plans with ideal changes to support wellness. He prepares meal plans and gives specific recipes and shopping advice. His counselling motivates clients to assess progress and adjust strategies.

Sunny Gupta has held various nutrition workshops to support client progress in nutrition. To balance the Health and Wellness of his clients, he has introduced a new sports nutrition diet and a stress management diet.

Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) is one of the leading disorders in women of reproductive age. These women may have a prolonged or infrequent menstrual cycle or even excess androgen levels (male hormone). Hence, a proper diet and regular exercise are essential for these women. Dt. Sunny Gupta has done extensive research on detox plans and recipes, making his diet plans quite popular. He is a PCOD diet expert and has helped many women lose weight and reduce the risk of long-term complications such as type-2 diabetes and heart diseases.

Dt. Sunny Gupta has an incredible record of gaining clients from all seven continents. The unique way he counsels and his determination has made him famous around the globe. The dietician’s dedication and success have set a benchmark and have enabled him to receive a lot of titles in this field. In a report prepared by National Institute for Socio-Economic Development (Bangalore), by whom he is honoured with the award, Sunny Gupta loses 1248 kgs weight of 133 patients. Before the Outstanding Arogya Ratna National Award, he received the Excellence in Health Care Award 2020 and Times of India Icons of Surat 2021.

Dt. Sunny Gupta is the founder of 24 Refresh Fitness and Weight loss, through which he has helped more than a thousand people across the globe. His work in this field has brought him laurels from all over the world. He posts beautiful health tips and recipes that have made him one of the most followed dieticians on social media in the Indian subcontinent. Dt. Sunny Gupta’s personalized counselling and experience as a practising dietitian consultant helped him become successful in his life, which in turn changed many people’s lives for the better.

Dt Sunny Gupta has a wealth of expertise in analyzing customers’ eating patterns and identifying areas where they may improve. Developed wellness-supporting goal plans with optimum adjustments. Created meal planning and provided precise recipe and purchasing recommendations. Clients are constantly encouraged to evaluate their progress and make changes to their goals.

Nutrition seminars were held to assist client growth and to present new Sports Nutrition and Stress Management Nutrition diets in order to help clients balance their health and wellness. Detoxification programs for PCOD, Diabetes, Thyroid, and Weight Loss are available. Dt. Sunny Gupta also does motivational and health-educational lectures! To encourage a healthy, active lifestyle, host a boot camp and a group exercise event.

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