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FilmyToast Launches Its Newest ‘OTT’ Category Amidst Soaring User Penetration

New Delhi, May 31: As the latest celebrity news breaks, there remains no chance of it not floating across the internet. The carriers of such breaking news are websites like FilmyToast, with a motive to ‘post it as they know it’.

With the launch of their newest ‘OTT’ section, all the latest releases, premieres and hits, in addition to episodes in the form of written updates, will be made available here.

It comes at a time when the numbers for OTT users keep rocketing, expected to fill out to 3,930.3 million by 2026. The statistical plunge in the user penetration of 43.1% in 2022 is predicted to hit 49.9% by 2026, thereby rendering enormous opportunities and prolific growth scenarios.

Having said that, now, the viewers don’t have to worry about missing out on any of their favourite series and shows. Moreover, their obsession with the dearest characters and protagonists does not have to end with the episodes.

Categories on FilmyToast like ‘BIOGRAPHY’, ‘FAMOUS’, ‘VIRAL ZONE’ and many others uncover celebrities’ personal life, family, friends, latest events and affairs.

While the character’s development goes in the ‘OTT’ section, the current whereabouts of actors and actresses fall under ‘FAMOUS.’

The most visited segments on FilmyToast happen to be ‘VIRAL ZONE’ and ‘OBITUARY’, with a striking rise in their viewer traffic of 63% and 69% a month after their inception.

Apart from its core categories, the startup also caters to segments like ‘SPORTS’, ‘POLITICIANS’, ‘NEWS’, ‘JOURNALIST’, ‘INFLUENCERS’, ‘CRIME TIME’ etc.

Everything latest in the music industry is covered under ‘SOUNDS’. At the same time, ’FAMILY TREE’ makes another exciting section, tracing the lineage and ancestry of celebrities and famous personalities.

FilmyToast aims to grow its presence globally with a prime focus on nations like U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada and India.

To get your hands on accurate latest celebrity gossip and matters of burning interest in real-time, please visit FilmyToast.Com.