Future Leaders: Companies Evolving for Tomorrow

New Delhi (India), July 10: Highlighting innovative businesses adapting to emerging trends and technologies, this listicle showcases forward-thinking strategies, leadership insights, and success stories from organisations shaping the future. Discover how these companies are driving change and setting new standards for tomorrow’s corporate landscape.

Just Procure

        Launched in May 2022, Just Procure is rapidly emerging as a leader among India’s rising startups, revolutionizing procurement practices across sectors, especially the education sector. This innovative platform is transforming how educational institutions handle the procurement of school supplies with an increased vendor base, eliminating long delays and stressful negotiations.

        Schools, colleges, and universities often struggle with procurement due to a lack of a dedicated team, leaving staff to manage these tasks. Just Procure addresses this challenge by taking care of every procurement need of educational institutions. Educational institutions can upload an Excel file with their specific product needs, and the Just Procure team manages the rest.

        With Just Procure, the procurement is seamless through real-time negotiation, verified vendors, responsive customer care, and flexible payment options. As India’s education sector continues to grow, Just Procure is likely to make procuring school supplies a breeze.

        Trillion Club

            Tired of seeing profits eaten away by bloated advertising costs and endless hours spent managing campaigns, two young entrepreneurs are challenging the status quo with the launch of AdAstra. This revolutionary AI-powered platform is designed to upend e-commerce advertising in India.

            In a market dominated by e-commerce giants, running a profitable online store has become increasingly complex. “We saw sellers pouring money into ads without getting enough back,” said Mayur Gawade, Founder & CEO at 1 Trillion Club. “They’re also stuck managing campaigns instead of focusing on real growth.”

            With AdAstra, sellers will have access to features like Ecom GPT – a personal e-commerce genius, ShopperOS – which reveals buyer journey insights,  AdCreative+ – to elevate visual advertising, and more state-of-the-art tools to gain a competitive edge in today’s e-commerce industry.

            “AdAstra levels the playing field for Indian entrepreneurs, providing the same competitive edge as large corporations,” says Vinay Phadnis, Co-founder at 1 Trillion Club & Atomic Loops. “With smarter ads, deeper insights, and more time to strategize, they can truly compete.”



            Copartner heralds a new chapter for investors seeking dependable guidance in an era where stock market dynamics shift rapidly. The platform revolutionises trading by providing daily free advice from SEBI-registered analysts, ensuring every investor can make educated decisions to meet their financial aspirations. The credibility and expertise of these SEBI-registered analysts will make potential investors feel secure and trustful in their investment decisions.

            Saksham Agrawal, CEO of Copartner, highlights, “Every trader should have access to premier, reliable advice. Our platform builds a happy community where traders and analysts unite to share insights and thrive.”

            Copartner differs from the market by offering 2-3 daily free calls from an array of SEBI-licensed analysts, setting it apart from conventional brokerage services that often gatekeep critical financial insights. This approach not only democratises financial information but also instils a layer of transparency and credibility as all analysts are thoroughly vetted and certified by SEBI.

            Signing up with Copartner is straightforward, granting immediate access to invaluable market advice and enabling users to stay ahead in their investment journey. 


            Rawat Misthan Bhandar

            Rawat Misthan Bhandar, renowned for its delectable sweets, was established in 1972 by Bhudev Deora’s visionary grandfather. Originating in Jodhpur, this family business has grown significantly under Bhudev’s leadership, who was born and raised in Jaipur. 

            Supported by his parents, Chandra Prakash Deora and Aruna Deora, and his five sisters, Bhudev has expanded the family legacy. Educated at DAV School, he balanced his career and personal life and married Aagya Deora. He fathered two children, Padmini and Yagyadev. Bhudev’s dedication to his work earned him notable awards from Zomato and Swiggy, and he was recently appointed as the Chairman of Sweet Association Rajasthan, Food and Beverage Training Institute (FTTI).

            Under Bhudev’s leadership, Rawat Misthan Bhandar has grown beyond its original outlet at Polo Victory. Over the past years, new outlets have opened at Grand Anukampa, Gaurav Tower, and Tonk Road in Jaipur. In August 2023, Bhudev joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), showcasing his leadership in a new arena. 


            AtMoon Ventures

            AtmoonDPS, a division of AtMoon Ventures founded by Mr. Rakeshwar Sharma, has introduced advanced security measures to fortify its digital payment solutions.
            Modern security features, including end-to-end encryption and seven layers of protection, have been put in place by AtmoonDPS to safeguard every transaction and ensure user safety. Even during busy times, its solid framework provides fast transaction and payout processing.

            In a move to improve user experience, AtmoonDPS has redesigned its dashboard with an intuitive, gamified interface. This update aims to enhance user satisfaction by simplifying the management of transactions and providing a more engaging interaction with the platform.


            Sekyo Innovations

            Amid rising concerns for child safety, Sekyo Innovations, based in Delhi, has introduced a pioneering device designed to offer peace of mind to parents nationwide: the Sekyo Smart Watch. This innovative gadget combines the functionalities of a smartphone and a health tracker, created specifically for youngsters aged 4 to 14. It features two-way audio-video calling, real-time location tracking, educational games, and vital health monitors, including heart rate and blood pressure.

            Recognised as a leader in security solutions, Sekyo Innovations offers various products for kids, elders, pets, and vehicles, enhancing safety across various aspects of daily life. Notably, their Sekyo Kids Smart Watch includes an SOS feature that instantly alerts parents with the child’s location at the press of a button, ensuring constant connectivity without the drawbacks of traditional smartphones.

            Priced competitively starting at Rs. 2999, these products are accessible through the company’s website,, which marks Sekyo’s commitment to affordable safety solutions.


            Founded in 2001 by Anar Patel, Craftroots has emerged as a pioneer in Gujarat’s handicraft industry, championing sustainable and slow fashion. With flagship stores in Ahmedabad’s Bodakdev area and Mumbai, alongside an e-commerce platform and popular exhibitions across India, Craftroots showcases the finest handicrafts to a global audience.

            Over two decades, this initiative has empowered over 35,000 artisans, reviving 75+ diverse craft forms. From handspun Khadi to intricate embroidery, each Craftroots piece embodies India’s rich artisanal heritage.

            “We’re reimagining traditions for the future,” says Anar Patel. “When you choose Craftroots, you invest in India’s artistic legacy and support a sustainable future.”

            As a leader in ethical practices and quality, Craftroots continues to innovate, marrying traditional techniques with contemporary design. It invites conscious consumers to become custodians of India’s craft heritage, weaving a sustainable future for artisanal communities.


            AMIEE Association

            The AMIEE Association champions AI, Machine Learning, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, fostering growth and progress in these fields. Dr. Aamir Junaid Ahmad, CEO and Founder of S S Systems Pvt Ltd, a key figure in the association, exemplifies its mission through his transformative work in digital marketing and AI.

            With a doctorate in Web Semantics from BIT Mesra Ranchi, Dr. Ahmad has been a digital pioneer for over a decade. As AMIEE’s secretary, he combines creativity with data-driven strategies, sharing knowledge through workshops and seminars.

            At BusAndTicket, Dr. Ahmad revolutionised bus ticket booking by implementing AI and IoT solutions. His innovations include dynamic pricing and sensor-based lost luggage tracking, significantly enhancing user experience and customer retention.

            Dr. Ahmad’s career showcases the power of vision, innovation, and perseverance, inspiring others to excel in the digital era. His work embodies AMIEE’s goal of driving technological advancement and entrepreneurial success in our society.


            Nishka Skin Clinic

            Bangalore-based Nishka Skin Clinic is transforming the domain of dermatological care. Dr. Shilpa R. K. founded this clinic in 2019, promising innovative, advanced, and evidence-based skin and hair treatments.

            Dr. Shilpa leverages her extensive medical background and proficiency in dermatosurgery and lasers to bring a unique blend of expertise to the clinic. Nishka Skin Clinic offers a comprehensive range of advanced treatments, including Botox, PRP, laser hair removal, and chemical peels, all performed with USA FDA-approved equipment. 

            What sets the clinic apart is its holistic approach, considering each patient’s overall health and lifestyle for personalised care. With over 4,000 satisfied clients and 300+ successful procedures, the clinic’s patient-centric philosophy has earned glowing testimonials. 

            As Nishka Skin Clinic grows, Dr. Shilpa remains committed to expanding services, investing in advanced technologies, and focusing on patient education. 



              Consultifly’s student, Anika Jindal, recently achieved a perfect 1600 on the Digital SAT, exemplifying the team’s dedication to helping students attain top scores.

              Headquartered in Bangalore, Consultifly has become a pioneer in comprehensive educational services for students aspiring to study abroad. Since its inception in 2000, Consultifly has excelled in providing customized test preparation for exams such as the SAT, AP, ACT, and English Proficiency Tests. With innovative strategies and effective hacks, Consultifly also offers extensive support in profile building and college admissions, creating applications that impress admissions officers.

              What sets Consultifly apart is its holistic approach, which includes a strategized, personalized, and customized model for exam preparation. 

              Under the leadership of Mr. Akshay S Katti, Consultifly has become synonymous with excellence, empowering students globally to reach their academic potential and secure admissions to prestigious institutions.


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