How Paydeer changed the outlook of financial services in Rajasthan- A view

May 25: Paydeer has become one of the beloved services of Rajasthan, with several people associating with the Paydeer family either as a distributor, retailers, alliance officers, or purely as a customer. These citizens had very little or no means of financial services and had to travel to cities for transactions or resort to paying up middlemen who charged hefty fees. Across several villages, towns, and suburban regions, you will see that Paydeer has been able to bring so much convenience to people.

Having started operations in 2020, Paydeer has reached thousands of people. This was the vision Vinay Parihar had set to achieve. Along the way, he realized that the people of the entire country needed such a facility, and his mission is now to make Paydeer available to the entire nation. To date, Paydeer has connected with more than 350 distributors and over 20,000 retailers. Paydeer has been able to cover ground in more than 33 districts and trying to reach every remotest corner. With 1200+ employees, 150 area officers, and 800 alliance officers working 24/7 to provide the best financial services, Paydeer is also working to scale up with several other value-added services.

Paydeer users have it all easy for them because this Fintech service has brought everything to your fingertips and the easy access means you aren’t dependent on anyone. You can sit at home and get both your DTH and phone charged with our services. You can go on to book your travel reservations either by road, air, or rail on your device with Paydeer to assist you every step of the way. Paydeer has gone to great lengths to create awareness about online finances by attending seminars that enable people to know more about Paydeer and its services. It will also give people a ray of hope to earn extra money by associating themselves with Paydeer Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

Knowing about the services of Paydeer will enable you to use its services more effectively and make your life easier. You can be part of the educative and regularly held seminars that will allow you to fully understand how Paydeer can better your lives and why you should register with Paydeer to benefit more. You could also be a distributor, retailer, or even a store owner and be part of Paydeer and enable your finances and grow along with Paydeer.

For you to attend Paydeer seminars, you need to register in advance. You will then be formally invited to be part of this grand event, which will encourage you to utilize online finances and be part of Paydeer. This Fintech has revolutionized financial services in Rajasthan to a whole new level, enabling a social change in the way how finances are seen. Paydeer has empowered people in so many ways than one through this venture and brought confidence in making financial decisions regarding availing loans, buying insurance, and getting a Pan card. As part of seminars, Paydeer has never let go of our participants empty-handed and put up some exciting prizes to take home so that they can cherish being associated with Paydeer always.