India to get its first super-app, Speedyy

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Speedyy: Go Direct, Go Limitless

India, 25th March 2022: Speedyy, India’s first-ever exchanged-based super-app, is all set to be launched in the upcoming quarter. Speedyy, based on the instant delivery model, will roof numerous services on a single platform.  The start-up’s tagline “Go Direct, Go Limitless”, describes its core operational value, where it is empowering vendors to go direct on its platform providing limitless options for its user base.

The brand will initially cater to users in Mumbai and Bangalore by providing access to thousands of services and products within minutes. This first-of-a-kind platform in the nation allows the local vendors to truly digitalize their business without the interference of an aggregator with high commissions and unnecessary deductions making it a perfect exchange local marketplace.

Speedyy has created an expansive network by collaborating with local stores and services to help users effortlessly manage day-to-day tasks. It will act as a one-stop destination to order food, medicines, groceries, pet food, etc. One can also book a cab and avail services like repair, laundry, pick and drop facilities along with real-time tracking of tasks.

Speedyy believes in simplifying the complex and confusing instant delivery models. It is aiming to revolutionize the current instant delivery ecosystem where brands backed by leading aggregators take advantage of volume sales comprising on the cost. The team Speedyy promises on-time delivery but not at the cost of its delivery partners’ safety.

“We at Speedyy jumped on the innovation wagon with a mission to provide limitless services to our users and make their life simpler. The team is enthusiastically working on the ground to onboard as many local vendors as possible with an aim to empower & connect local vendors and service providers with their digital users. We stand by local vendors to create a comprehensive local marketplace”, said a spokesperson at Speedyy.

The modern world is extremely fast-paced and it is becoming increasingly difficult to balance chores. The availability of multiple apps is reducing the efficiency of work as opposed to the hassle-free life it promises. With Speedyy, users will no longer have to download multiple apps for multiple tasks. More often than not, apps have a complicated interface that is confusing to navigate. The young yet experienced emerging team at Speedyy has worked tirelessly to provide a seamless app that is easy to use and understand.

Speedyy stands by its tag line, “Go Direct, Go Limitless”, boosting local business and vows to never start its own brand competing with its partners. Currently, Speedyy is also recruiting people to be a part of its team. They are looking for seasoned professionals, with advanced industry knowledge, who meet the profile and relate to the vision and mission of the brand.

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