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Ishwar Shekhar, a 20-year-old Indian Entrepreneur is a name to reckon with in the Digital World

New Delhi [India]: There is a common saying that it is never too early or late to become successful in life. You can begin your entrepreneurial journey and become an achiever at any age. Crossing all barriers and exploring new horizons, many young Indian entrepreneurs are showing the world what they are capable of!

A surprising fact about Entrepreneurship is that it can’t simply be learned from books, but rather the best source to teach one is his own experiences with failures and setbacks. Many youngsters get amazing business ideas but only a few of them have the courage and conviction to go ahead and make these ideas big and turn them into reality. Meet one such young entrepreneur – Ishwar Shekhar.

This article features a small-town Indian teen who rose to become one of the most impactful names among social media/ digital influencers from the country. Born in Deoghar, Jharkhand, a 20-year-old social media nerd, Ishwar Shekhar has managed to make it big in the digital world. His tech-skill acumen has helped him change the dynamics of online reach granting him a clear edge over his counterparts. As a budding Digital Marketer, he provides creative and outstanding online marketing services, fulfilling the business needs of his clients while delivering the best results.

Logical thinking, passion for his dream, and firm determination have led Techie Shekhar to widen the sphere of digital marketing and bringing in some distinctive novel initiatives in the online industry. He works it all ranging from strategy, content, storytelling, to implementation, tracking, campaign analysis, and even live-streaming of games. With a successful gaming channel on Youtube called Mini Maari, to his credit, this Young Entrepreneur acts as a source of inspiration for millennials.

Equipped with most of the modern-day tech tools Shekhar is adroit on Google algorithms, Google publisher, SEO, and other social media marketing technologies. He designs trendy concepts to facilitate audiences to find out their brand organically and this has managed him to be a frontrunner in this virtual world business. Adding to that he has a commendable grip on all major social media platforms, with special mention to Facebook and Instagram. All these, alongside a business-driven marketing perspective, enabled him to pull a huge audience base thereon contributing to countless successful campaigns.

Shekhar has climbed the ladder of success in the digital space by revamping the digital marketing world with his sharp business sense at quite an early stage of his life.

While looking back in time, one can witness that Shekhar has it all to personify the saying “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” Consider the below-mentioned lessons that show his character and offer you some key lessons for sustained and satisfying life.

Keep your dreams alive. As Shekhar comes from a lower-middle-class family and his economical condition never allowed him the access to necessary means to fulfill his dreams. But this shortage of resources could not stop him from living life his way. He survived all adversities and his perseverance has helped him succeed.

Find a solution, not an excuse. He used to assist his father in running his small medicare shop, also managing his studies at the same time. Not only that, to pursue his passion in the digital field Shekhar spares out time to try his hands on that too.

It is possible for those who believe. Shekhar didn’t drop the idea of being an IT geek and in the pursuit of realizing his dream, he often uses to borrow a laptop and other gadgets from his friends to surf the internet for YouTube tutorials and free courses as a part of his self-learning.

Remember why you start? He started working on to design and development of websites for clients as a freelancer. Regardless of all uphill struggles, he failed to get desired success. Despite the initial setbacks he always remembered why he has opted for this as a profession and where he has to head it. He continued with the same zeal and commitment.

Never give up. Once he failed in a web development venture Shekhar didn’t let go of things that easily and invested all his savings into mobile app development and somehow managed to pull it back with help of freelance android developers. As they say “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Eventually, his team tastes the desired flavor of success and since then there is no looking back.

His entrepreneurial stint, a well-shaped persona, and technical expertise make Shekhar a complete bundle, and thus he is truly acknowledged as an ace digital marketer.

Shekhar’s piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs:

Relying on his personal experience Shekhar shares his success formulae. According to him one must support his ideas, be convinced of what one has to do, and then just give it all to make it a reality. Summing up it in his own words, “Always keep in mind the fact that to achieve anything worthwhile in life requires faith and belief in self, a clear vision, hard work, determination, dedication, and proper time management. One has to be brave enough to live the life of your dreams. Realize early the purpose of your life and then stay focused on to make it happen instead of the expectations and opinions of others.”