Nikhil Chaudhary organizes the OXYHOME environment project to make life in Ambernath healthier

Actor and entrepreneur, Nikhil Chaudhary, has just organized an environment project, called OXYHOME, to make life in the city of Ambernath healthier. 


Maharashtra, May 17: As the population grows or more and more villagers migrate to cities, urbanization is on the rise. Because of this, environmental pollution has increased at an alarming rate, causing issues such as pollution and global warming. Pollution has become a major concern in every part of India, due to the increase in urbanization. This has made obtaining pure oxygen a challenging task in these difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic when people need it the most.

Nikhil Chaudhary has hence brought India’s first *OXYZONE* project to the city of Ambernath for the first time. Under the project, a large number of oxygen-producing plants will be made available to people who want to enjoy better health by generating oxygen in their own homes.  

Oxygen is a life-supporting component of the air that can help save the lives of many COVID-19 patients. However, it became increasingly difficult for people to work and live in villages because of a lack or shortage of oxygen. Hence, these people were forced to bid goodbye to their village during the Covid-19 period to obtain oxygen. 

Even after two years rather than getting eliminated, Covid-19 is spreading once more in Mumbai and other urban areas of India, as new variants of the dreadful disease keep coming. And the fight against the pandemic continues. 

This gives rise to the question: Can we create oxygen in our own homes?

To answer this question, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has recommended a long list of plants with which you can not only decorate your homes but also enjoy better health as they produce a large amount of oxygen. To generate oxygen in our own homes, NASA has also approved ornamental plants that could be planted in a cistern or water storage container and placed in your living room. 

Nikhil Chaudhary understands the need to generate oxygen in our homes, especially in these times of Covid-19. He has hence launched a key project, called OXYHOME, under which a large number of oxygen-producing plants will be made available. The strategy will be implemented not only in the homes, but also in OXYHOME, OXYZONE, OXYSTREET, OXYTEMPLE, OXYSHOP, and OXYSCHOOL

Nikhil has brought this project to Ambernath under the guidance of Honorable MP Dr. Shrikant Shinde, MLA Dr. Balaji Kinikar, Ex-Mayor Sunil Chaudhary, GunwantKherodia, and Shashikala Dorgude.

It is noteworthy that Nikhil Chaudhary started carrying out this noble work in Ambernath at his own expense on the occasion of his birthday. Nikhil is indeed worthy of special appreciation as he is celebrating his birthday with his family by launching this project rather than throwing an extravagant party on the day he was born. Similarly, a two-story building hostel for orphan girls was inaugurated two years ago on the special occasion of the birthday of Nikhil’s father, Sunil Chaudhary. The Chaudhary family has been carrying out various activities for the betterment of society. The family has hence been appreciated by people at all levels. 

By organizing the OXYHOME project at Shivdham Complex Shiva Temple on Sunday, May 15, 2022, for Ambernath’s healthy lifestyle, Nikhil Chaudhary has only expanded his family’s philanthropic efforts. 

The project will help the residents enjoy healthier lives in Ambernath, which is a spot of attraction for tourists due to its temple and a river.

Nikhil Chaudhary is an accomplished actor, who has earlier worked as a producer for the Hindi film ‘Sub Kushal Mangal” under the guidance of Producer Prachi Manmohan. Nikhil is also the Founder and President of Rotaract Club of Ambarnath East, and Rotary Club of Royal Ambernath. He also serves as Managing Director of SCGK Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.