Nin Hao India – (N.H.I.) “An Institution of Foreign Languages , Sanjay place, Agra- Building Careers and Breaking language Barriers – an initiative by Sagar Rana

March 5: Communication has become a vital tool. Knowing the English language only, which is one of the official languages of the world, doesn’t suffice anymore. It is high time to acknowledge that other widely spoken languages such as mandarin or Chinese other prominent world languages are equally important. Ever since the world has become a global village, the digital era has ushered in; there are now convenient working environments at far-flung places from Alaska to Australia. Remote working locations have become a norm, and people across the globe are now your employees, clients or investors with whom you would have to communicate on a regular basis. Learning other languages would give you an upper edge and not rely on the translator or your device. There always be a loss of words in the actual translation when you do so.
Learning foreign languages is easier because experts can now teach you the language and its nuances. Every language has its own beauty and pronunciation, which plays a vital part in communication. The learner must focus on how well you enunciate each word and use it in the right context. You can learn all this and more in one of the pioneer institutions that teaches foreign languages in Agra, Nin Hao India. It is an ISO-certified institute renowned for providing foreign language coaching and conducting job training programs.

Mr. Sagar Rana founded Nin Hao India (NHI). He set up this institution because he knew how hard it is to work and support your family from a tender age, so he ensured that other people didn’t face the same challenge as he did. He got through his education by paying for his own fees, and this experience made him understand and gave him the impetus to open N.H.I. He knew that if the candidates can be equipped with the latest technology and communication skills that all international companies look for, they would have leverage in the hiring process. Since Mr. Rana himself had worked for such companies with enviable incentives as a foreign language expert at Gurgaon Cyberhub, he knew that he had to do something for the youth in his hometown. That’s how the germ of the idea of starting a foreign language institute that also provides a job training program came about.

The institute initially had Chinese teaching experts, and slowly, other foreign language demands grew. They brought in professionals who taught multiple languages such as Spanish, Russian, German, French and others. Teaching provision was on online and offline platforms as per the convenience of students.

There was an overwhelming response for Spanish language classes. The candidates could further their opportunities in high-paying jobs and build an incredible career from the training imparted from N.H.I. Every batch of NHI students has gotten wonderful career-enhancing opportunities. We are immensely proud to say that the job market plunged during the pandemic we had reason to celebrate. Our training program reaped fruits of hard labor, 40 of our candidates could get resourceful employment.

Foreign language training is being imparted to upskill the employees working for global companies. N.H.I. professionals train even government officials who have international tenures.

N.H.I. has developed its own app, available on Google Playstore, called the NIN HAO INDIA, enabling people to remain connected across the globe. The app has received accolades from all quarters. This appreciation has not only been from users but well-reputed organizations.

The institute could slowly realize its dream of introducing a Job Training Program (J.T.P.) for those candidates who would have completed their professional courses yet need that added edge to compete for aspiring job positions. Our team of professionals will train and gear the candidates to further their ambitions with our guidance.
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