Personalisation is the “New Normal” for success in 10th exams!

Madhura Kelkar and Dr Bhooshan Kelkar

New Delhi (India), February 17: ‘Career is not a destination but rather a journey is what Pune based “Neuflex Talent Solutions” ( believes in!

As the parents of 8th/9th/10th-grade students are getting geared up about the 10th board exams, especially with the backdrop of the pandemic, ‘Neuflex Talent Solutions’ has come up with a proven solution just for that!

The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war. So how about making hay while the sun shines?  “JuniorGestalt” Test from “Neuflex Talent Solutions” helps you do just that. It caters to students in 8th/9th /10th grade.

This phase of a student’s life is critical for taking the future course of action. Both parents and students find themselves at crossroads when it comes to beating the competition.

JuniorGestalt is a novel AI-driven and Applied Psychology based, personalized Career Development model. Since its inception in 2016, more than 12000 students pan-India as well as Singapore, the USA, Canada, and Germany have received good guidance using this AI-based US Patent pending technology. Many of them have also landed themselves eventually in some of the top institutions like IITs and NITs, Medical colleges, NID, NIFT and Humanities/Commerce colleges.

You can take this unique, cloud-based online 35 min quick personality test from the comfort of your home. Upon its completion, the candidate will receive a detailed self-explanatory personalized 22-page report with graphical representations of the results followed by an optional counselling session conducted by Dr Bhooshan Kelkar, who has professional experience of more than 25 years and Madhura Kelkar, who has an MA in Psychology. Dr Bhooshan is a BTech (IIT Bombay), PhD in AI from the UK and has worked in IBM USA/India for 13 years, is an “IBM Master Inventor” and is an inventor of 23 granted US patents in multiple technologies. This unique combination of technical and psychological expertise has effectively catered to the needs of multiple students.

JuniorGestalt provides you with a viable solution to some of the common but pressing questions both from a parental and student perspective, such as “I study well still I am not able to score well why?”, “My child teaches or helps his friends with exams but scores lesser than his friends. What could be the reason?”

The Gestalt test measures 21 (!) personality characteristics using Jungian typology, learning styles – visual auditory or kinesthetic, creativity in innovation and the balance between divergent and convergent thinking of the individual, resilience- an essential parameter to deal with various challenges a person has to face, reasoning and verbal ability, whether MCQs or descriptive questions are your strength, and various types of anxiety parameters in a student; memory test -both short term and long term to curate a personalized revision plan along with peer review. There are also parental suggestions! The report is a holistic one in that it showcases the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate and suggestions to improve them. It is also accompanied by guidelines for diet management and physical activity.

Based on the above 21 parameters, the archaic Arts/Science/Commerce type of career guidance is given, and “differential careers” are highlighted. It is important to note that there is no “conditioning” of the child!  JuniorGestalt not only tells you differential careers – the “What” part, but also the “Why” and “How” part! Using the top 5 personalized study methods out of possible 26, precise revision pattern, anxiety mitigating interventions etc., are weapons the student could use to win the exam battle where there is cut-throat competition.  Results have shown that several learners have witnessed up to 10% improvement in their academics, not only for the year you take the test in but for 4-5 years, simply by using suggested methods! Many students have gone up from 70% in 9th to 90+ in the 10th boards!!

Every child is unique, so a “one size fits all” approach to career selection is bound to fail. Playing by one’s strengths and making a concerted effort towards their weaknesses helps the child achieve significant milestones.

If you aspire for top performance in this crucial first base of your child’s career, there is no option but to take the JuniorGestalt Test! It is not just a regular “career test”, but it is a wise investment you will make for your child’s career!