Rotaract Mumbai’s World Responsible Youth Project Creates Awareness Of Youth Responsibilities

January 27: World Responsible Youth, a legacy project of Rotaract Mumbai of Rotary International District 3141 was conducted from 2nd January 2022 to 15th January 2022. The event was conducted during Rotaract Mumbai’s 54th year. With the main objective of showcasing the true potential of the rising Indian youth to not only bring a change but also spread rotaraction.

Despite the growing odds of the Covid-19’s ever-escalating third wave, the project, World Responsible Youth, was successfully executed by Rotaract Mumbai’s team of Public Relations and Marketing under the guidance of Rotaract Mumbai’s District Rotaract Representative, Rtr. Rtn. Bharat Patel and Chairwoman PRM Rtr. Sruchi Dadia. By giving first priority to take all the necessary precautions with a view to ensure the safety of everyone.

During the week of the World Responsible Youth project, a series of activities such as Swach-Clean Up Drive, Rang-Beautification & Painting, Share A Meal, and Voting Awareness Campaignwere conducted by Rotaract Mumbai. They also shared with their audience, the premier Brandfactory offers they could attain at the pan India level from the Brandfactory stores.

The event hosts of the World Responsible Youth project, Rotaract Mumbai, believe in serving above self, and that is what they aim to do with this initiative. A total of 40 clubs from Rotary International District 3141, 50+ associations, and 10 clubs and districts at the Pan India level supported this initiative. Overall 1400+ Rotaractors participated in the event, and the beneficiary count of kids turned out to be 300+.

Rotaract Mumbai is one of India’s leading organizations dedicated to serving the society for betterment. They are a family of over 13,000 Rotaractors and 130+ active Rotaract clubs with members from different cultures and backgrounds that are strenuously working to achieve one motto: Self Development and Fellowship through service.

While the Swach-Clean Up Drive, a beach clean-up activity held by Rotaract Mumbai, helped clean over 10 beaches all over India, their collaborations with organizations like Beach Please, Change Is Us, Beach Warriors, and Seafins would help scale their cleaning operations tenfold in the coming months.

Apart from this, their Rang-Beautification & Painting initiative helped beautify public places such as municipality schools, railway stations, and fire brigade stations, amongst others. From having BMC & Railway Officials visit the locations and guide Rotaractors, railway station by-passers appreciate their work, to having some of their paint cans being arranged in sponsorship with NGO by Rtn. Hemang Jangla, there is a lot that Rotaract Mumbai could make happen through their legacy project, World Responsible Youth.

Their hardworking efforts do not limit to just a limit here. Another one of their initiatives, Share A Meal, helped feed underprivileged kids at restaurants. The initiative was supported by Rtn. Hemang Jangla and Rachel Joseph Foundation took Maranatha Orphanage kids to Hotel Samraj to feed them and gifted them socks and blankets towards the end.

Under the Voting Awareness Campaign, they also held an online seminar to raise awareness of the importance of voting about the upcoming BMC elections in Mumbai.

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