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Siddhant Issar’s next Sanghaar – The Massacre isn’t your typical arty-crafty short film

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India]: Actor Siddhant Issar, who is gearing up for the release of his next short film Sanghaar – The Massacre on April 16th, 2021 feels that it is a short film, unlike the rest. It isn’t aimed at trying to be too arty-crafty, over intelligent or pseudo-intellectual. It’s a fun watch and an action-packed entertainer. It’s a movie with dark humour that also gives an undercurrent message.

Siddhant Issar says, “It is a massy film for rural India. I’ve targeted masses of UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, MP, Haryana and Rajasthan. Everyone who rejoiced when the Ram Mandir Bhoomi poojan was done will enjoy watching this short film. It’s going to be a short film which will entertain you and also gives a message.”

“Although a short film, the scale and production value is that of a mainstream full-length feature film. We received immense support from HH Swami Anandswaroop Ji Maharaj to put our vision on canvas. Without his blessings, this wouldn’t have been possible. When he saw that the film is on opposing acts of animal cruelty, especially cow slaughter and also condemns violence against peaceful – sages, saints and priests of any religion in its spirit, Swami Ji and the other members of the Acharaya Sabha, Samaj and Parishad came forward supported us,” he adds.

“All the saints and sages, who came forward to support us, said one thing that many things that are being put out there today on platforms disrespect sentiments, traditions, faith, values, heritage, customs, rituals and beliefs of people. They all felt that disrespecting culture to create controversy and make content go viral is a new trick of the trade. They were happy that Sanghar – The Massacre is a throwback to good old fashioned values, when it was good to be right. Today, what really is being oversold is it’s OK to be bad and dark is the new light; Sanghar is the opposite of that. It sends out a clear message that one must take a stand for what is right and stand up against wrong and raise a voice against injustice,” he continues.

He further shares, “My YouTube channel Showman Theatre Productions and Sanghaar – The Massacre are my first baby steps in this direction, in promoting such content. Our films in the past have portrayed saints, priests, spiritual people and sages in a very poor light, either a Baba is a Pakhandi or else he is a weak, poor, beggar like asking for bheeksha and food. Sanghaar – The Massacre will change this old stereotypical image of Sages and Saints. People often forget if the meek Sudhama was a Saint, so were Great Rishi Dhadhichi and Chanakya. Even Raavan was half a Brahmin too and the immortal Lord Parshuraam too was an ascetic. Everyone is aware of their rage and Vendetta.”

“The underlying message in Sanghaar is that the colour Saffron, ‘Bhagwa’, the colour Sages wear is the colour of peace, renunciation and sacrifice. People often mistake a Saint’s calmness and composure to be his weakness. They forget that Bhagwa is also the colour of the sun, the colour of fire and whoever will mess with fire will suffer the consequences,” Siddhant concludes.