Press Release

Spearheading Sporting Ambitions by Transforming Bastar’s Sports Ecosystem into World-Class Facility

Jagdalpur, Aug 3: The success of life is greatly attributed to sports, as we can learn from the failures, motives, inspiration, and enthusiasm with sportsmanship from all kinds of sports one can play. Bastar is the land of diverse tribal communities, with their prosperous traditions, culture, and heritage which they haven’t let loose yet, but they are still behind as compared to the mainstream sportsmen, owing to inadequate sports infrastructure. Even after the creation of the state, the pace of development in sports facilities remained sluggish. However, in the past years, sports infrastructure developed has gained momentum in Bastar district under the guidance of State’s Hon’ble Chief Minister, who showed concern towards this cause by providing the facilities to the region’s sportsmen they craved for a long time. Continuous efforts are being made by the Chhattisgarh government to ensure appropriate facilities suited to the sports talents of Bastar. With the special efforts of the state government, the dream of Bastar residents of setting up an important institute for proper training of sports is going to come true soon. Several sports facilities shall begin by the end of this year at the sports complex located in Dharampura in Jagdalpur city. Along with this, at the beginning of 2022, the residents of Bastar will get the much-awaited grant of the multipurpose and multi-use sports complex.

The development of the sports station in Bastar, with the officials of the Public Works Department and Sports Department, is also present. The planning for sports, which include 400 meters competition and 200 meters synthetic track, 120 meters Archery Rage in Keeda Complex Dharampura, Multi-Purpose Hall for indoor sports that can accommodate all the facilities for players and coaches, the construction work of which, is already in progress. The construction of a 50 seater sports hostel will be developed at Indira Priyadarshini Stadium of Bastar with all the facilities vital to a synthetic turf football ground with 400 meters running track, courts for basketball and tennis, besides that handball, volleyball grounds, badminton hall, and residential amenities for the players. The provision has been made for reconstruction work, which is in progress already.

Administrative approval of Rs.5.00 crore has also been provided by the Government of India for synthetic turf football ground with running track at Priyadarshini Stadium and a proposal for hockey turf ground at Pandripani has also been sent to the Government of India for construction of a 100 seater sports hostel and player’s accommodation. For football players, all the required facilities such as floodlight have been prepared in the CT ground which is being developed for practice. The development association has also planned a separate football ground that will be prepared for the women players of Mata Rukmani Ashram, which will be approved after visiting the said ground. The work of the hostel and sports ground is underway, which is being observed by the collector and all the necessary instructions provided for the development of the same are being taken care of as well.

Under the supervision of Collector Rajat Bansal, Jagdalpur city, which is the focal point of the entire Bastar division, is under planning and pertinent efforts have been made to transform the same into a developed city. Along with the development of Bastar, it is very crucial to maintain the identity of its tribal culture, under which the activities of tourism development are being carried out, whereby the district administration is working constantly to preserve and promote the tribal culture and several other works are being done through Yuvodaya to make the youth a significant part of the cultural protection and promotion, and to connect them to the mainstream development. Also planning for the development of sports infrastructure will be the contemporary addition to the city of Bastar, with all the international facilities pertaining to the same.

Developing all the sports grounds are being prepared according to the international standards so that in future, national and international sports competitions and events can be organized in Bastar. After perceiving the achievements in the field of sports by the talented players and sports-loving people of Bastar, they had demanded a football and cricket 400 meters synthetic track and a multipurpose hall for different ranges of sports in Bastar. People of the region who awaited a far-fetched dream are now going to come true after a long time with the efforts of the State Government and Bastar Administration. Now with proper training, guidance, and facilities, the sports talents from here will be successful in showing their laurels at the national and international level in the coming time. Soon Bastar will be transformed into a sports city with all the international facilities and equipment which are vital to the success and learning for the players and their coaches.