Telangana’s Gupta Plywood Brand Spekwud honored with the India’s Best Leading Plywood Brand 2022 from Airaa Icon Awards 2022 at Hyderabad

Mr. Ramesh Gupta, Founder of Spekwud Receiving Airaa Icon Award 2022 from MLC L.Ramana ( Govt of Telangana)

Spekwud Bags India’s Best Leading Plywood Brand 2022 from Airaa Icon Awards 2022 organised in association with Govt of Telangana at Hyderabad

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], May 7: Gupta Plywood, Telangana’s largest plywood manufacturer has been honored with the prestigious ‘India’s Best Leading Plywood Brand 2022 – Business Excellence’ award at the Airaa Icon Awards 2022 organised in association with the Govt of Telangana Cultural Department, Telangana Tourism and the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) at Sri Palani Conventions, Uppal, Hyderabad.

The Business Excellence Award was conferred to the founder and CEO of Spekwud India pvt ltd and Gupta Plywood, M Ramesh Gupta, for launching India’s first 15-layered 100% genuine  calibrated matt ply construction assembled with core composer four time treated termite resistant five times press technology.  Plywood brand ‘Speckwud’ in Hyderabad in February-2022.

“It is a wonderful honor for me to get the India’s Best Leading Plywood Brand 2022 Business Excellence award by Airaa Icon Awards 2022, Telangana Government, Telangana Tourism , and GHMC,” Ramesh Gupta, founder, and CEO of Spekwud India pvt ltd and Gupta Plywood, stated. This honor recognises our efforts to develop ‘Speckwud,’ India’s first 15-layer termite-free and waterproof plywood brand, in Telangana. We are looking for channel partners for the Speckwud brand in Telangana and Pan-India.”

According to Gupta, Speckwud is the first plywood brand to have 15 layers, if we cut the ply in 360 degrees it won’t find single pin hole this is the specific  as opposed to other brands that have 13 layers, and the thickness is the same as 19mm. The matured wood core is used in plywood, whilst others employ both matured and unmatured wood cores.

Gupta Plywood has been a trusted wholesaler in Telangana for over two and a half decades. They have worked with a variety of plywood brands, including Green Century, Austin, Hansur, Speckwud, Adison, and Gladwiin, as well as materials such as venners and laminates and interior grade hardware fittings.

SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Wipro, Genpact, ADP, RBI, Reliance, Ramoji Film City, Coffee Day, KFC, Reebok, Health and Glow, Paradise food courts, Telangana Secretariat, and others are among the company’s clients.

The Award was presented to Mr. M Ramesh Gupta by L.Ramana ( member of legislative council, Telangana Govt), Dr. Eppalapalli Ramesh ( Founder & CEO – Editpoint India), Sudheer Sandra (Psychologist – MD, Supar School), Nikeelu Gunda ( Founder & CEO – Digital Connect).

Dr. Eppalapalli Ramesh launched the Airaa Icon Awards 2022 in 2014 to recognize the best performing Business leaders & brands in Industry. According to Gupta, the Speckwud brand plywood is 25-30% less expensive than other leading brands on the market. And life of the spekwud plywood is more. The plywood is subjected to extensive testing to ensure that it can withstand high temperatures of water without splitting apart, making it both water- and termite-proof. Mr. Ramesh Gupta of Gupta Plywood Also mention that they were looking for Channel Partners for Speckwud can register at : or Call at : +91 9989011152