The Great Indian Kitchen is on a mission to transform Indian kitchens with cookware made of natural materials for healthy and sustainable living

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April 11: How about adopting traditional Indian cookware made of natural materials as a means of healthy and sustainable living? Yes, you read it right. The Great Indian Kitchen, a prominent cookware brand, was born as a woman’s mission toward natural living and building a healthy lifestyle for her family by using natural cookware.

Mahalakshmi, Founder and CEO of The Great Indian Kitchen, was raised in an orthodox traditional family in Trichy, the temple town known for its rich culture and heritage. Her family ingrained in her traditional values passed on from generations.

After graduating in B.Sc Computer Science and pursuing her MBA graduation at Ulyanovsk State University in Russia, Mahalakshmi joined an IT company as a supply chain leader. A passionate art lover, a fitness freak, and a gardening lover, Mahalakshmi became a homemaker after her marriage.

Her endeavors with a healthy lifestyle started after she became a month pregnant with her only son. After learning about the harmful effects of modern cookware being used in her kitchen, she went back to her roots and decided to start using natural cookware.

That she was living in Trichy, which is the third oldest city in India after Madurai and Varanasi, but is widely seen as a fine blend of tradition and modernity, also had a deep influence on her.

Mahalakshmi was also inspired to create awareness among others to ditch the toxic cookware and shield their families from health problems. With an idea to promote natural cookware, Mahalakshmi embarked on the journey of creating an authentic natural cookware brand, which was high-quality, affordable, and widely available.

This is how the Great Indian Kitchen was born and has a mission to make every kitchen a great kitchen that encompasses the rich Indian traditions of using cookware made of natural materials as a means for healthy and sustainable living.

“When we eat from natural elements mined from the earth, we strike this fine balance between good health and well-being. We are focusing on putting our ancient wisdom to purpose with our sustainable and eco-friendly cookware from artisans and creators across the country in an all-new pro, geared up-to-use avatar to make cooking a reminiscence to cherish forever,” says Mahalakshmi.

According to Mahalakshmi, the traditional cookware consume around 15 per cent less fuel as they retain heat, and cooks evenly and faster. Secondly, most traditional cookware retains over 98 per cent of the nutrients (as against 87% healthy nutrition loss in foods cooked in pressure cookers). Thirdly, they consume less oil, and lastly, well-tested traditional cookware does not have harmful chemical coatings and thus gives an authentic taste and aroma to the food.

“We bring you authentic cookware sourced from across the country to your kitchen for a healthier way of living. Join us in this journey and together we can spread the wisdom of our tradition that goes back centuries and can be recycled or passed down as heirlooms for generations” says Mahalakshmi.

About the USP of the brand, Mahalakshmi says the cookwares are authentically sourced from heritage artisans with eco-friendly packaging, pre-seasoned, and ready to use. The products come with a lifetime warranty, smooth finish, high quality, and are Made In India. The company also has a 24×7 customer service helpline to assist customers.

Mahalakshmi adds, “We aspire to become a household brand known for its authentic traditional and natural cookware and accessories satisfying every need of creating a completely healthy and traditional kitchen.

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