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The Karn, Founder of Billion Dollar Indian Tech Startup, sKarn Robotics and Wecript Challenges Google

New Delhi, [India]: The name of the company SKarn RoboticS has been spreading to corners because of their product line, WECRIPT. Wecript is a safe search engine launched by sKarn RoboticS to provide a safe and secure searching experience to internet users. The man in the late twenties who worked hard for this advanced invention is THE KARN. Being the founder of sKarn RoboticS and Wecript, The Karn is a very proficient entrepreneurial mindset person and he is trying to make India as powerful as possible with the help of the latest technology.

Ever since independence, India has been a developing country. Yet after 76 years it is still a developing country. In the latest conversation with skarn RoboticS and Wecript, Founder The Karn didn’t want India to be a developing country anymore, rather he wanted it to be the most advanced and developed country in the developed country list. Intending to make India a developed and advanced country, The Karn has started his startup sKarn robotics and Wecript in 2019. The main vision of The Karn is to develop various tech products that would transform people’s way of using the internet while protecting their privacy through new and advanced technology products.

Safety is the priority for every civilian. But with the new policies and search engines, the data of internet users is being leaked, misused, sold, and shared. The safety and security of personal information are no longer guaranteed by most search engines. To provide a highly- secured search engine that follows all the privacy policies and protects data sharing and leakage, The Karn introduced Wecript. Wecript is such an advanced search engine that doesn’t share and sell your data with third parties.

To make India atma-nirbhar he started his journey quite a long ago, with the vision to make India atma-nirbhar in terms of technology. Later on officially introduced by PM Modi as an initiative called Make in India with the vision of making India a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2024-25. The Karn is immensely trying hard for better inventions and to make India a global leader.

The reason behind calling him “The Karn” is very astonishing. He didn’t want society to consider him as a part of a community. Rather he wanted equality irrespective of caste, color, and religion, and thus the name The Karn suited him. This signifies his nature, ethics, and beliefs.

As we know The KARN from Mahabharta is known for his selfless contribution to society, founder of SKarn Robotics and Wecript the Karn has the same beliefs and ethics and is trying his best for the betterment of the society through new-generation advanced technology.

The Karn is a very enthusiastic individual with mind-blowing entrepreneurial skills. His ideas, execution, and management skills of running the startup during covid situations prove that he has management, tech product development, and marketing expertise to build and manage a multi-billion dollar startup.

Unlike many large industries that cut their employee’s salaries and firing employees during covid situations,  The Karn has decided to support people in terms of salaries, employment offers, and other medical benefits as well. He was one of the few initial persons to start work from the culture in India during covid-19.

The Karn and his startup deserve to be the top startup company. Young and talented people like The Karn are the foundation for a strong and developed India. They need to be encouraged and supported at any cost. The government should also support such young and talented people who are working hard, to make India a superpower and govt’s vision of ‘Make in India’ program a success. It is time to support tech startups like The sKarn Robotics (https://skarnrobotics.com). Wecript is an excellent move towards a Make in India project.  Check out their latest products and new features by visiting their search engine (https://wecript.org).