Press Release

Tuition HUB was recognized as The Best Emerging Company of the Year by Business Mint

March 14: Tuition Hub, an online tutoring service was established in 2021 by Ms. Silpa with the objective of providing simplified learning for the students using personalized and innovative methods. We strongly believe that the holistic development of a child is possible only when we guide and motivate them to excel in sports and fine arts too, along with academics. As the saying goes, “The journey of thousand miles with a single step”, Tuition HUB is now offering quality tuition services in India, USA, UK, AUSTRALIA and Canada. It has expanded the portfolio to cater CBSE, ICSE, IB, Cambridge, IGCSE Curriculums and hobby classes with more than 20 subject matter experts imparting knowledge to the students.

Agile methodology has been adopted in various processes so that the teams are adaptable to changes, goals are defined so that they are achievable and improvement is obviously visible every month. Undoubtedly, the credit goes to the subject matter experts and administration team for the smooth functioning, success and growth of the company.

Technology plays a vital role in enabling various services at a quicker pace to the customers. Collaboration with EdTech companies has helped to onboard the students much faster and reduced 50% of manual effort. The classes are conducted LIVE and recorded sessions are available as per student request. Attendance, Assignments and Test Management are all structured and tracked on regular basis to ensure that the metrics are green in the dashboard.

Regular and timely feedback from customers and incorporating the feedback has helped to implement process improvements. This has led to the successful milestone of receiving ISO 9001:2015 Certification in October 2021.

Our vision is to instill confidence in students and guide them to realize their full potential in academics and extracurricular activities like music, arts, and technology, and assist in their holistic development.

Our mission: Through the delivery of personalized tutoring sessions in a variety of subjects, we aim to encourage students to balance academics and arts, and nurture their latent skills and talents. The services and resources Tuition Hub provide will help them to inculcate the attitude and competencies necessary not just to excel academically, but to also become independent thinkers, self-confident, creative, and responsible, and to strengthen cognitive skills.

The objective is very clear, each day we interact with several students. If we create an indelible impact in each student’s life, we can create an eternal legacy.