ZebLearn offers the best SAP PU Online Training and Certification in India

Mrs. Bhupinder Kaur, Founder, ZebLearn

India, May 12: In the field of softwares, Systems, Applications & Products (SAP) in Data Processing, popularly known as SAP, is the world’s market leader. More than 30,00,000 customers worldwide make use of SAP products. With such a growing number of customers, the need for professionals with accurate skills for the subject increases. Understanding the principles of SAP software has become crucial in today’s age to bag the dream job. ZebLearn, an ED-Tech Company based in Noida, thoroughly prepares individuals for Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing (SAP).

The programs offered by ZebLearn are customized and suitable for entry-level and experienced IT professionals as they provide candidates with IT training and ample opportunities to grow into professional experts. So far the training center has trained over 2500 candidates.

The trainers at ZebLearn are a team of certified and qualified professionals with an experience of over 10 years. The team firmly believes in the utilization of practical knowledge over the theoretical approach. Hence, it follows one of the most effective training strategy. Its role-based approach allows trainees to gain a deeper knowledge of features and functions through greater concentration on relevant, practical knowledge. Unlike the traditional product-based training, ZebLearn focuses on complete end to end understanding through their practical knowledge sharing approach. The Modes of training include Instructor-led Live online training and Self Paced Video training.

Mrs. Bhupinder Kaur the founder of ZebLearn, quotes: “In 2022, we aspire to go global. And I think there is a lot of potential for a company made in India to take this kind of industrial training to the world because there is a need for a learning product that completely takes care of learning for a professional from end to end. The right kind of programs, platforms, and products for learning can help create individuals that can take India to a global level.”

The company implemented the digital learning method of training during the recent times of the pandemic. As the whole world is moving forward, ZebLearn has done a paradigm shift towards digitization and moved the learning on the web & LMS. This shift of physical classes to online mode has enabled the training center to choose better trainers for students as there is no limitation of geography along with the advantage of better student reach across the country.

One of the best features of this online training is that it offers certification training globally. Not just that, but ZebLearn also provides trainees with placement opportunities with the topmost recruiters in the industry.  In addition to that, the SAP PU programs are taught according to the job descriptions & Key Role Area (KRA) that are expected from an industry professional. Individuals learn SAP PU modules in the field that they are keenly interested in, including FICO accounts, material management, production, planning, procurement sales and distribution.

ZebLearn’s dedicated placement cell ensures job opportunities right after successful completion of the training courses.  Professionals can then officially start their career as SAP Consultants, IT Developers, Software Testers, Data Analysis, BI and Reporting Professionals, Project Managers, Program Managers and many more.

ZebLearn creates self-paced and self-initiated learners. They are dedicatedly working towards accomplishing their aim of providing the best quality training and education in futuristic and advanced courses across the country.  The company started building its customers’ IT skills in 2006 and has been growing its territory ever since. At present, ZebLearn provides On Job Training in different verticals of SAP and HR. The company’s goal is to create self-paced and self-initiated learners and provide industry working experience to students. Their vision also seeks to constantly revise its plans, programs and ways to achieve the main objective of delivering top-notch experience in IT training along with other advanced courses.

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